About - Hertz Ong Photography

Welcome to my photography website!

My interest in photography started back in year 2011 where I found the value of capturing precious travel moments and sharing with family and friends how beautiful this world is.

Growing up and currently based in Penang, Malaysia - now a UNESCO world heritage site, I have the privilege to explore different aspects of this cultureful island state. Out of the diverse range of photography opportunities, I continue to develop passion specifically in landscape and cityscape. Ever since, waiting and capturing majestic light have always been the moment I find peace out of the hectic work life.

Throughout the years, I seek chances photographing and traveling to some of the most scenic places on Earth, be it rural landscape or bustling cityscape, and that still goes on. With years of practice and improvement, I continue to strive for skill and techniques in handling high contrast scenes. I hope to share my view of the world through lens with anyone who shares the same interest in nature and manmade beauties.

Feel free to drop me a message for comments and suggestions. Add me in Facebook or follow me in Instagram for more interaction!

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy my images. May the good light be with you!



PPAC 2018 First Half Online Competition - Landscape: Gold Award (Third Place) - "The Floating Sea"

PPAC 2018 First Half Online Competition - Landscape: Silver Award - "Fuji Crossover"

MPA Far East Awards 2016 - Cityscape: Awards of Excellence - "Eye on Marina Bay Sands"

MPA Far East Awards 2016 - Landscape: Merit Award - "The True Mirror"

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